Wear Women’s Knee High Boots

Wear Women’s Knee High Boots

For the perfect look in winter and fall, purchase a pair of womens knee high boots at BHD. Below is a list of the top six ways that knee high boots are meant to be worn.

1.) Women’s high boots with a free-flowing dress

high boots come in all different colors and styles. One combination that can never go wrong when it comes to high boots is matching a high boot with a dress. Wearing a brown knee high boot will not only create a subtle feeling of casual wear, but it will also be comfortable and fully functional.

2.) A night out with high boots

When switching from day wear to night wear, women’s knee high boots are the perfect transition item. A tall black boot can easily be paired with a mini-dress as well as some opaque or patterned tights that complement the look nicely for a sleek and fully functional look for a night out on the town.

3.) A slide skirt

For those that already have a skirt with a side slit, wearing a women’s knee high boot is the perfect compliment. Not only does the combination give the illusion of height, but it also is comfortable and is a great way to increase mileage in walking.

4.) Tall boots with mid-length skirts

Not only does this look not need tights, but it is one of the most stylish and functional looks to go for. Whether it is a black women’s knee high boot, gray boot, or brown boot, anyone one of these can pull off a mid length skirt. The only suggestion is to wear a boot that has a bit of a heel attached. http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au

5.) Pants paired with a poncho

To wear women’s boots is almost hiding the fact that one is wearing pants at all. Pair together a colorful poncho with boots to match that will not only give the illusion of length, but also slenderness.

6.) Women’s knee highs with skinny jeans

The classic combination is the skinny jean with the high boot. This look is not only always in style, but it also provides the wearer with a fully functional look for a day out.

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