Produce By The Pier

Produce by the Pier takes place on the second and fourth Saturday of every month – Rain, hail or shine!

The award winning Broadwater Parklands at Southport will boost its eco-credentials with the launch of Produce by the Pier, a new market that champions sustainability and features fresh, high-quality local produce.

The selection of suitable farmers and food producers to operate stalls is underway after Gold Coast City Council has appointed one of the most successful market operators in Australia, Blue Sky Events, to create and manage Produce by the Pier.

Boat at the Jetty

Standing Adjustable Desk

Standing Adjustable Desk

These days, massive amounts of people spend the bulk of their working lives sitting behind a desk and what has resulted is a great deal of people that have back problems. Sitting and typing for extended periods of time is flat out bad on the body, but to make things even worse, most people do not sit with correct posture, which can add to the problem. If you are struggling with a strained back, you may want to consider purchasing, or talking to your employer about getting a standing adjustable desk. If you do not know what a standing adjustable desk is, it is essentially a fully functioning desk that you basically stand in front of and work, just as if you were sitting down. 
There is no question that buying a standing adjustable desk at Ergomotion can be a great thing for a persons health, but a standing adjustable desk may simply be something that is more convenient, or more practical than a regular desk that you sit at. Some areas do not have a ton of room, or you may be dealing with an office or area where people are constantly moving around and on their feet. In this setting, a standing adjustable desk would make more sense, due to the fact that it would not be very practical for a person to continually sit down and stand back up to attend to their work. For these reasons, you may want to consider getting one of these great alternative desks for the home or office.