Produce By The Pier

Produce by the Pier takes place on the second and fourth Saturday of every month – Rain, hail or shine!

The award winning Broadwater Parklands at Southport will boost its eco-credentials with the launch of Produce by the Pier, a new market that champions sustainability and features fresh, high-quality local produce.

The selection of suitable farmers and food producers to operate stalls is underway after Gold Coast City Council has appointed one of the most successful market operators in Australia, Blue Sky Events, to create and manage Produce by the Pier.

Boat at the Jetty

Kitchen Remodelling Sydney Style

Kitchen Remodelling Sydney Style

The family room was set up for a place for family and friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company, but you might look around and notice that your kitchen is often the real center of the home. A kitchen remodel is no small task but a few minor updates can prove to be major improvements when it comes to kitchen remodeling Sydney style .

Where should you start?

The easy answer would be the beginning. Set your kitchen remodelling Sydney goals. What do you like about your kitchen and what would you like changed? Are you looking for a complete overhaul or would it be enough to update your appliances and cabinet doors to achieve the look you are going for? Most importantly you need to set a budget. Kitchen remodelling Sydney style can be one of the more expensive remodels you can do in your home, but it also offers the most return on your investment. Setting this initial budget puts you in control from day one.

Deciding on a Design

Once you have a budget it’s time to move on to design. Look around for inspiration before kitchen remodelling Sydney at Kitchen Creation. Have you seen something you like in a magazine or on T.V.? Online inspiration can be a bit overwhelming because there are just so many options to choose from. During the kitchen remodelling Sydney process make sure you are designing a kitchen that is suitable to your lifestyle. If you are an amateur chef looking for a gourmet kitchen you might want to spend a bigger portion of your budget on upgraded appliances and a professional grade double sink. If you’re looking for a kitchen that your family will be gathering in and using for entertaining, think about an island with a breakfast bar that can be shared by all. Use your ideas about how you need your kitchen to function to narrow down the choices. Careful planning can ensure that your kitchen remodelling Sydney syle is a success.

NSR Australia Helps Everyone

NSR Australia Helps Everyone

NSR Australia helps every single kid who wants to go to college in America. America is a great place for people to go to have an education, and it is something that people need to try for the sake of their kids and their families. They can pretty easily get the help that they need for their college education, and they will be able to learn what it means to go to college in a place that is far away from home.

The families often have more questions than anyone, and that is why the people at NSR Australia are so interested in their work. There is a lot to be done to teach these kids what it will be like when they go to school in America, and they have to be prepared by their family and the people at NSR Australia to know what is going on. Someone who wants to be able to get their kid off to college to play sports, and they want to know what will help them with their kids.

These kids are going overseas to play, and they want to know that they have made a change that really works for them. NSR Australia knows how they can help any kid who wants to go to school in America, and they can do this even if they are not playing sports. It just makes sense to help these kids to be sure that they are going to be able to learn what will change their life. That is something that anyone can do when they want to help their kids, and that is why the people NSR Australia are there to help. Everyone who wants to get their kids playing sports in America can make it very easy for the family to know what will happen.

Wear Women’s Knee High Boots

Wear Women’s Knee High Boots

For the perfect look in winter and fall, purchase a pair of womens knee high boots at BHD. Below is a list of the top six ways that knee high boots are meant to be worn.

1.) Women’s high boots with a free-flowing dress

high boots come in all different colors and styles. One combination that can never go wrong when it comes to high boots is matching a high boot with a dress. Wearing a brown knee high boot will not only create a subtle feeling of casual wear, but it will also be comfortable and fully functional.

2.) A night out with high boots

When switching from day wear to night wear, women’s knee high boots are the perfect transition item. A tall black boot can easily be paired with a mini-dress as well as some opaque or patterned tights that complement the look nicely for a sleek and fully functional look for a night out on the town.

3.) A slide skirt

For those that already have a skirt with a side slit, wearing a women’s knee high boot is the perfect compliment. Not only does the combination give the illusion of height, but it also is comfortable and is a great way to increase mileage in walking.

4.) Tall boots with mid-length skirts

Not only does this look not need tights, but it is one of the most stylish and functional looks to go for. Whether it is a black women’s knee high boot, gray boot, or brown boot, anyone one of these can pull off a mid length skirt. The only suggestion is to wear a boot that has a bit of a heel attached.

5.) Pants paired with a poncho

To wear women’s boots is almost hiding the fact that one is wearing pants at all. Pair together a colorful poncho with boots to match that will not only give the illusion of length, but also slenderness.

6.) Women’s knee highs with skinny jeans

The classic combination is the skinny jean with the high boot. This look is not only always in style, but it also provides the wearer with a fully functional look for a day out.

The Plethora Of Commercial LED Lighting Options

The Plethora Of Commercial LED Lighting Options

There is an astounding variety of commercial LED lighting options available for stages, stadiums, stores, warehouses and even homes. The first point to consider when selecting a commercial LED lighting fixture is what will it be used for. For example will you use it to illuminate a stage? Will it be used to highlight a display in an exhibition? Is it for a magic show or performance that requires an area of focused light? Once you know what the LED lighting will be used for, you should be able to have a better idea of what kind of lighting fixture and bulbs you need.

Commercial LED lighting fixtures come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. The bulbs used in the LED fixtures are available in varying colors, brightness and even shape. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are given such a large scope of options. The most important thing is to stay focused and decided what kind of Ecoglow: commercial LED lighting you need for your event or purpose.

Take into consideration factors such as ceiling height, and where the fixtures will be mounted. Fixtures, if you are unfamiliar with electricity or lighting is where the bulb hangs from. Will you need the commercial LED lighting temporarily or will it be a permanent part of your facility. You can save money by renting temporary lighting fixtures. This is useful for an occasional concert at an event such as a park.

The most important aspect of LED Lighting is the bulbs you will use inside the fixtures. The brightness is one of the most important factors to consider when using LED lighting. Museums for example need a focused, but weak light that will highlight the artifact or exhibit. Stores or stadiums on the other hand will most likely want to have as bright as lamp as possible. This is so customers can clearly see all the labels and tags in the store and have a bright, clear view of the action at the stadium. Besides brightness, take into consideration operating costs, installation, color of the light and shape if aesthetics are important.

Standing Adjustable Desk

Standing Adjustable Desk

These days, massive amounts of people spend the bulk of their working lives sitting behind a desk and what has resulted is a great deal of people that have back problems. Sitting and typing for extended periods of time is flat out bad on the body, but to make things even worse, most people do not sit with correct posture, which can add to the problem. If you are struggling with a strained back, you may want to consider purchasing, or talking to your employer about getting a standing adjustable desk. If you do not know what a standing adjustable desk is, it is essentially a fully functioning desk that you basically stand in front of and work, just as if you were sitting down. 
There is no question that buying a standing adjustable desk at Ergomotion can be a great thing for a persons health, but a standing adjustable desk may simply be something that is more convenient, or more practical than a regular desk that you sit at. Some areas do not have a ton of room, or you may be dealing with an office or area where people are constantly moving around and on their feet. In this setting, a standing adjustable desk would make more sense, due to the fact that it would not be very practical for a person to continually sit down and stand back up to attend to their work. For these reasons, you may want to consider getting one of these great alternative desks for the home or office.